The Problem: Your Employees Are Sending Sensitive Information In Clear Text

84% Of Employees Send Sensitive Company Information By Slack & Email.

This Sensitive Information Is Usually Sent In Clear Text.
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And This Information Stays On Their Personal Devices

70% Of Employees Use A Personal Device To Access Company Data. Network-Level Encryption Won't Help If Their Device Is Compromised.

A Lost Employee Device Could Quickly Become A Serious Security Incident.
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The Solution: Self-Destructing Messaging


Self-destruct message after a number of views or a period of time

Multiple Platforms

Available as a Slack command, Outlook Add-In, iOS Keyboard, and an API

Easy To Use

Shred is easy to install and works with a single click or a few keystroke

Send to Anyone

The message recipient doesn't need to have Shred installed to view the message

Strong Encryption

All information is encrypted using some of the most advanced encryption standards

Custom Features

User your own domain name, or a private server inside your network for added security


Shred is available for multiple platforms:


Shred is available for Slack using the /shred command. Shred will generate a self-destructing link containing your sensitive information.


Shred's Outlook Add-In creates a self-destructing email message, keeping the message content out of your email account.


Create a self destructing message using Shred's iOS Custom Keyboard. The message can be sent via any app on your phone.


You can create a self-destructing message right from your browser.
Click Here to give it a try and create one now.


Integrate the Shred API in your application to make it more secure when handling passwords or other sensitive information.

30-Day Free Trial

$0 / Month
  • Slack Command
    Outlook Add-In
    iOS Keyboard
    MS Teams App (coming soon)
    Unlimited Messages

Unlimited Messages

$5 / User / Month
  • Slack Command
    Outlook Add-In
    iOS Keyboard
    MS Teams App (coming soon)
    Unlimited Messages

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"We use Shred whenever we need to transmit sensitive information over Slack. Our network is much more secure with Shred."

Mark J., COO

"Shred is a clever and simple solution for handling sensitive customer information and preventing a data breach. "

Asaf A., CTO

"Customer information should not exist in our email accounts - that's what Shred is for. It helps us communicate more securely."

Roy R., Co-Founder
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Shred is free of charge for Non-Profit and Educational Institutions. Contact us For more information